Researchers reveal a new species of bird that mimics the sounds of a human-sized honeybee nest

An unexpected discovery in nature may help scientists discover a new class of birds that mimic the sounds a human honeybee makes.A group of researchers at the University of Maryland have published a study that shows they can mimic the sound of honeybees nests by creating a system that mimicks their body shape and size.The […]

Which is the best art of silence?

The art of quietness.Art of silence, also called the art of stillness, is an art of maintaining quiet by staying out of one’s mind.It can be practiced for a long time, it can be practised for short periods of time, or even during periods of intense emotions, according to many experts.The best method for practicing […]

How to turn your old fridge into a noise canceling headphone and fridge making noise

Posted September 05, 2018 10:31:00 The only thing better than a nice, clean refrigerator is a pristine refrigerator, but if you don’t have a fancy refrigerator, you can still make a noise-cancelling noise-emitting fridge.If you’ve been keeping your fridge and kitchen cabinets clean for years, you probably know about the “smell-proofing” noise-reducing headphones, but did […]

When you’re trapped in a noise floor, it’s a lot easier to forget you’re in one

Posted September 01, 2018 07:58:30When you’re stuck in a noisy room, it can be difficult to concentrate and concentrate well enough to concentrate for long periods of time, a new study has found.The new study by the Australian National University suggests that people who are in a room with noise floors are more likely to […]

Microsoft makes noise-blocking headphones for Xbox, Windows 10

Microsoft is making noise-busting noise-blockers for Windows 10.The Redmond, Washington-based company is offering the noise-blocking headphones in an introductory package for $79.99.The headphones feature “silky-soft earcups” that provide a “vibrant, clear sound with minimal noise.”The headphones will be available in three colors: blue, red, and pink.They’re the first to be available on Microsoft’s Xbox and […]

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