A New Kind of Cat Sounds

This week on Cats, we’re talking about the mysterious ticking noises that cats make.

The most well-known and recognizable of the mysterious sounds is the “wolf noises,” which are the scatting sounds that occur when a cat is in the middle of an angry outburst.

Other sounds that are made by cats include the “purge noises” that occur in cataracts, the “nauseating” sounds that accompany infections, and the “shattering sounds” that often accompany seizures.

We also talk about some other weird noises, like the “snowballs,” which occur when kittens run away.

The cat sounds, though, are not the only things cats make, as there are also a wide variety of other cat noises.

We’ll talk about the differences between the sounds cats make and those they make to alert their friends, family, and other animals.