Fox News host says sex noises aren’t a problem for Trump supporters

A Fox News hosts sex-sounding debate has become the subject of much discussion on social media.

In a segment that aired Friday, the host of the debate, Megyn Kelly, asked the audience to sing a tune that included a male voice over a female voice.

Kelly was accompanied by an audio engineer and cameraman.

Kelly and the audience are said to have sung “You’ve Got the Girl,” a tune from the 1970s and 1980s that included several male voices.

A chorus of “Yeah!


Yeah!” was heard in the background of the clip.

The audio clip was posted on Twitter by the @BrockAndRose Twitter account.

The clip was later deleted by Fox News, which said that the sound quality wasn’t acceptable and that the voice had been edited out of the audio.

“We apologize for the unintentional use of the phrase ‘Yeah!’ and for the inconvenience it caused,” Fox News said in a statement.

“The clip was removed and we’re now working on replacing it.”

Fox News has not confirmed whether the clip was intended to offend Kelly.

The recording has also sparked controversy among Trump supporters.

On Sunday, the president tweeted that the “fake news media” were “hurting” Kelly.

Kelly has faced criticism for a number of her recent debates.

During the first one, in September, she had to take a break from the debate to take an asthma test and her microphone was knocked off by protesters.

Kelly later apologized for the interruption, but has said she was trying to “take a breath” while debating.

The second debate in November came with more criticism for Kelly’s gender bias.

Trump, who has made disparaging comments about women, has repeatedly called Kelly “lightweight” and “dumb” in recent weeks.

The president also has made sexist and offensive comments about Kelly, including joking about her body size and saying she looks like “a Barbie doll.”

Kelly responded to Trump’s comments with a tweet of her own, asking “Are you ready for the biggest fight of your life?”

In response to the second debate, Trump took to Twitter again on Saturday, asking, “When is the next debate on?

#MegynKellyDebate” He has also said Kelly’s “blood is boiling,” referring to her menstruation.

Kelly is not the only one to be accused of sexism in recent days.

During a March debate in Michigan, a female Trump supporter said the Republican candidate’s comments about her were offensive.

“He just said, ‘You know, she looks so big and fat, I’m not even sure she’s menstruating,'” the woman told ABC News.

“I’m not sure that was a very good comment.

You know, I don’t know what he’s talking about.”