How to mute mouse noises

You’ve probably noticed how your mouse noises get louder as you’re typing or scrolling through a web page.

This can be annoying for people with a bad ear or if they get tired easily.

Thankfully, there’s a way to mute the mouse noises in Chrome.

If you’re using the Web browser in a Chromebook, you can disable the mouse noise feature by going to settings > sound & microphone > disable.

You can then mute the noise completely by going back to your main Chrome menu and selecting the mute button.

To do this, just hold down Ctrl + Alt + T to switch between the sound & mic options.

To mute the sounds for more than one user, simply select the user who has the most mouse noise.

If the user is playing, you may want to switch off their sound.

For more tips on how to get your mouse noise turned off, read How to set your mouse volume to zero.