Parakeets are white noise maker for your house

It’s not often that we find a piece of technology that’s so versatile, but that’s exactly what Parakeet has done with their new noise maker.

It can create sound waves that mimic natural parakeets calls for their natural calls for help, and it does it with a little bit of effort.

The Parakeett noise maker uses an oscillator to produce a sound wave that mimics the sounds of natural parrots.

It sounds a bit like a white noise machine, and the user has to push a button to change the pitch of the sound wave.

The user is then able to adjust the pitch and level of the signal to produce the same effect as a parrot’s call.

For those who don’t know, parrots call for help to fly around their territory.

So it makes sense that if they’re in trouble, a parakeett would be the best choice to call for assistance.

Parakeet also said that this noise maker can be used to create a “fantastic” natural soundscape.

It can also be used as a “natural” background noise, which is a good idea if you’re doing a live stream or playing a game on your computer.

Parakeets, like many birds, can be trained to listen for human sounds, and you can train them to respond to human calls.

So if you want to create your own natural sounds, you can do that using this ParakeET noise maker and its natural parrot call.

The user can also manually select which call sounds to use, so you can also add more of your own sounds to the mix.

For more information on how to train your parrots, read this tutorial.