What you need to know about the CICADA noise suppressor

By Michael J. Taylor, CNNThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a draft guidance on the noise suppression technology for the cicadas, the insects that are believed to be responsible for the recent spate of cicadamias in the United States.

The draft guidance, released on Monday, says that the use of the noise suppressors would be considered in cases of suspected cicadoras and that the product should not be used in isolation.

The agency, which has been working with the manufacturer to improve the design of its product, said it would have more to say about the technology at a public meeting at the end of the month.

The guidance said that it was “aware of the potential for misuse of the product and is working with manufacturers to ensure that this is not the case.”

“As a precaution, the FDA has advised that manufacturers do not use CICADAMS for a cicadella outbreak,” the agency said.

“The FDA will not be publishing additional information about the product or the cesium-19 levels at this time.”

In January, a federal judge in the California state of California ordered the manufacturer of a noise suppressant, which is approved by the FDA for use in hospitals, schools and nursing homes, to stop selling the product.

In March, the CDC reported the outbreak of ciccadamia in the US as a new trend, saying that the number of reported cases has increased from 2,906 in January to 11,844 in March.

The number of deaths has also risen to 6,967.