When the Sonys’ AirPods Noise Cancelling is Just Too Much to Take

When the airpods are in your ears, the Sonics can be annoying.

The team behind the headphones has been quietly working on their software tweaks that can improve the noise cancellation and noise-canceling abilities of the earphones.

But now, the headphones’ sonic shortcomings are being publicly exposed.

In the latest issue of New York magazine, Peter Gleeson and David Rolfes detail their new project, called Sonys AirPod Noise Canceling, which is a way to eliminate the Sonos’ annoying noise canceling problems.

While some people might have concerns about the earphone’s noise canceler, Gleeson says it’s a way for the team to try out the new technology before they release it to the public.

The noise cancelers are a way of trying out noise cancellation that is still being developed, Gleason tells us.

“You’re getting a ton of information at the moment that we haven’t gotten to yet,” he says.

The Sonys have also released a set of Bluetooth earbuds that can be plugged into an iPad or iPhone to listen to music, or play a game or podcast.

The earbud technology is only a subset of the Sono earbuddies’ software, which also includes a Bluetooth microphone, a speaker, and an audio recorder.

It’s a little complicated to make a phone call while your earbuddy is listening to your music, and the app isn’t designed to be used with headphones.

“It’s a bit like putting your phone in the pocket of your pants, and it’s just like trying to take a picture while you’re wearing that,” Gleeson tells us in the article.

“The idea is that it’s very, very similar to how you would be using your phone, with its screen and everything.”

Sonos will start selling the AirPOD Noise Cancellers in the U.S. this fall.

A press release about the Airpods said that the earbods will “enhance your audio experience in all of your favorite apps,” including music, gaming, and social media.

In addition, the company said that it would “ensure that every user has a seamless and natural connection with the Sony ecosystem.”

“The AirPots are just a tiny, tiny bit of technology that we’ve built,” Gleason says in the magazine.

“There’s just a bunch of stuff in the Sonyo app that’s designed to give you all of the audio you need without having to use the Soni.”