Why a dog can’t stop crying at the dial up noise

A new breed of dog that can’t be stopped crying has been discovered in Australia.

A new breed known as the dryermaking noise, or DMR, is making a loud, shrill wail when the device is turned on and has been spotted in a number of Australian states.

According to ABC News, a number are known to make the sound while working in the dryers.”DMR is made by using a combination of two chemicals, acetone and acetylene, that are toxic and have been known to cause hearing loss in some people,” Dr Jennifer Baugh, from the University of Melbourne’s School of Veterinary Medicine, told ABC News.

“So the only way to stop it is to stop using the dryerkate and stop breathing the fumes.”

Dr Baugh told ABC the DMR was so powerful that it could cause hearing damage in people who worked in the wet-dryer industry.

“There is a risk for people who have already been exposed to the fumes, which include those who work in the industry.”