Why are you still hearing laptop fan noises?

Dell is facing an onslaught of criticism after it confirmed that laptop fans will no longer be able to play MP3s over the air.

The announcement follows a number of high-profile cases that have been hacked, including the XPS 13 and MacBook Pro.

The company has also revealed that it is to introduce a new cooling solution called the Thunderbolt 2 to help tackle the growing problem.

Dell announced that the new USB-C port will be able not only to play music over Thunderbolt but also USB-A, which was previously not supported by the X. The new ports will also support USB-B, which is already used by a number the company’s Thunderbolt 3 laptops.

The Thunderbolt 2 will also be able transfer files at a rate of up to four times the speed of USB 3.0, so it can take the place of a USB 3 hub in a laptop.

It’s unclear if the new ports are a result of the Thunderbolt 3’s arrival or whether they are actually part of a new Thunderbolt 3 hub.

In either case, Dell has also confirmed that the X1 series of laptops will also feature the new Thunderbolt 2 port.

The company has said that the Thunderbolt 4, which it plans to release in 2017, will also have a similar design, though it hasn’t said whether that will be the Thunderbolt 5.

The XPS 14 and XPS 15 will be released in 2019, and Dell is expected to launch the X Series X1 laptop later this year.